Reward for Wolf Poachers

Credible but unverified reports of wolf poaching have come in around the Yellowstone border. The relaxed regulations in the zones

AmeriCorps Member Spotlight – Grant Gal …

We can’t begin to thank Grant Gallaher enough for his service to WWA this fall. Grant was with us from

How You Can Help Wolves and Much MORE!

Read all about how you can help wolves and all about our latest win in court in our October newsletter.

Big Win in Our Suit Against Elk-Harming Feedg …

On September 21, 2021 a Wyoming federal court agreed with environmental plaintiffs that the supplemental winter feeding of elk on

Join Us at the People’s Market on Wedne …

We have been selected as the featured non-profit for the People’s Market on Wednesday, August 18 from 4:00 to 7:00

AmeriCorps Member Spotlight – Jenna Hen …

We are so thankful for Jenna Henderson’s very generous service term with us this summer. Jenna was able to complete

399 and Cubs Need Your Help

DON’T FEED THE BEARS! The most famous bear in the world, Grizzly 399, is once again outside of the park

July 2021 Newsletter – Feedground Proce …

Click here to see our latest newsletter with updates on grizzlies, wolves, and elk management in Wyoming.   Photo: Rob

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