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Fighting to Prevent Trophy Hunting of Grizzly Bears

Grizzlies are a keystone species & are worth more alive than dead. We’re fighting to keep them wild and alive, not mounted on a wall.

Advocating for Science-Based Management of Elk

With Chronic Wasting Disease looming, elk are too vulnerable on feedgrounds. Science, not politics, should guide management.

Protecting wolves from being hunted for sport

Recent regulation changes have made the majority of the state’s wolves fair game to kill – for no reason. We think that’s wrong.

Grizzlies confirmed and presumed dead in 2021

Percent of Grizzlies Dead Due to Conflicts with Humans and Livestock

percent more elk than target population

Wolves Killed in Wyoming in 2021

Current Campaigns

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Protecting Grizzlies

Preventing Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem grizzlies from being killed by trophy hunting and conflicts with humans.


The Spitfire Fund

A long-term plan to eliminate the trophy hunting of wolves in the GYE.

Program Areas

Camp Creek Dead Elk


Holding government agencies accountable for proper wildlife management.



Educating visitors and residents about wildlife issues in Wyoming.

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Wildlife Guide

Empowering people to learn more about the threats Wyoming’s wildlife face.

WRATH 2020 9


Speaking out for our wildlife and educating the public on wildlife issues.

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