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Please utilize these resources

when crafting your comment for the Grizzly Delisting rule on the Federal Register. Comments are most likely to be recognized when based on scientific fact, and supported by references.

If any of these documents support your comments, attach them with your submission.

  • 2014 Report, Human-Large Carnivore Conflicts in Wyoming (link)
  • Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee Food Synthesis Report (link)
    • This document claims Yellowstone grizzlies can adapt to losses of important food sources such as cutthroat trout and whitebark pine nuts. It has been widely challenged.
  • IGBST Grizzly Bear Guidelines (for relocation, “removal,”, etc.) (link)
  • National Elk Refuge Bison and Elk Management Plan  (link)
  • 2013 Grizzly Bear Investigations Report (link)
  • Wyoming Grizzly Bear Management Plan (link)
  • Wyoming Aggressive Animal Management Guidelines (link)
  • IGBST Grizzly ConservationStrategy (link)
  • The role of predation as disease control in Chronic Wasting Disease (link)
  • Trophic cascades from wolves to grizzly bears in Yellowstone (link)
  • Grand Teton National Park elk hunt and dysfunctional agency decision making (link)
  • Linkage zones between grizzly bear populations (link)
  • Paper on the biological issues of moving a grizzly during hyperphagia (link)
  • Working constructively toward an improved North American approach to wildlife management (link)
  • The Short Life and Unnecessary Death of Grizzly 760, WWA special report (link)
  • The Problem of State Wildlife Management Institutions (link)

Wildlife Conservation Management Funding, 2014 (link)

  • Why grizzlies should stay endangered (link)
  • The economic value of grizzly bears (link)
  • Environmental writer Todd Wilkinson on whether bison or elk are more likely to spread brucellosis (link)
  • NPCA on the National Park Service’s decision to allow hunting on private “inholdings” in Grand Teton National Park (link)
  • WWA Comments on the WY Draft Grizzly Bear Management Plan (link)
  • Draft Wyoming Grizzly Bear Management Plan (link)
  • Tri-State Grizzly Agreement (link)
  • Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Facts (link)
  • Reducing Hunter-Grizzly Bear Conflicts (link)
  • Grizzly Bear Management Captures, Relocations and Removals in Northwest Wyoming – 2012 Report (link)
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Biological Opinion on the Assessment of Livestock Grazing on the Northern Portions of the Pinedale Ranger District (link)
  • Greater Yellowstone Coalition vs. Wyoming legal case (link)
  • Wyoming Grizzly Bear Management Plan (link)
  • Grizzly Bear Distribution in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem – 2014 Update (link)
  • 2013 Report of the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team Yellowstone Investigation (link)
  • 2015 legal case challenging federal agency liability exemptions for killing four grizzlies in Grand Teton (link)
  • Guide for writing a letter to an editor (link)
  • Petition to restore grizzlies to available habitat throughout the West (link)
  • Linkage zones between grizzly bear populations (link)
  • Grizzly habitat map and summary of issues (link)
  • Petition to restore grizzlies to the Selway-Bitterroot (link)
  • The economic value of grizzly bears (link)
  • Why grizzlies should remain endangered (link)
  • NRDC Alternative Grizzly Recovery Plan (link)
  • 2007 Interagency Grizzly Conservation Strategy (link)
  • Wyoming Game & Fish Commission CWD Powerpoint (link)
  • Sierra Club Press Release – New Wyoming CWD Map (link)
  • Wyoming Chronic Wasting Disease Map (link)
  • Sierra Club/WWA Comments on Draft CWD Plan (link)
  • Detailed Q&A on elk feeding and migration (link)
  • CWD map sources (link)
  • More CWD map sources (link) and (link)
  • Camp Creek Feedground Essay (link)
  • Camp Creek Feedground Images (Page 1Page 2Page 3)

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