Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Committee To Meet

The Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Coordinating Committee is meeting in Pray, MT on Nov 30 – Dec 1. The committee, formerly

Grizzly Bears: Teton County faces moment of t …

Hunt grizzlies or protect them? Allowing WGFD to have a trophy hunt of grizzly bears in Teton County does not reflect
Grizzly bear, Teton County, Wyoming Wildlife Advocates campaign

WWA Press Release: campaign to prevent huntin …

Wyoming Wildlife Advocates has launched a campaign asking that the Wyoming Game & Fish Department respect Teton County’s community values and economic

GRIZZLIES: 55% of GYE grizzly mortalities und …

New Greater Yellowstone Grizzly Mortalities reported The IGBST has added four mortalities to their GYE Grizzly Bear Mortality database bringing


Causes of mortality are so far comparable to last year's - 35% of mortality from management "removals", 24% under investigation,

Why Montana shouldn’t hurry to hunt its rec …

Rick Bass asks an important question: What’s the hurry? That’s how mistakes get made.

Wolf ruling may sway griz case

After court decision on Great Lakes wolf delisting, conservationists say their legal claims are bolstered.

Wyoming Is In Charge of Its Grizzlies

Bad news: Wyoming, Idaho and Montana can now call themselves grizzly bear managers.

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