Why Bears

Described as an umbrella species, bears and other large carnivores play an important role in keeping ecosystems healthy.

3:25  Wildlife Media and Trifilm  May 06, 2014  vimeo.com/65780506

How Wolves Change Rivers

What is a trophic cascade and how exactly do wolves change rivers?

4:33  George Monbiot  Feb 13, 2014  youtu.be/ysa5OBhXz-Q

Feeding the Problem

The National Elk Refuge in Jackson and 22 state feed grounds throughout Wyoming continue to concentrate and feed elk in winter, setting the stage for disaster as chronic wasting disease spreads.

25:54  Danny Schmidt  Dec 22, 2011  vimeo.com/30345580

Sharing the Range

Sharing the Range is short film documenting the challenges of living with large carnivores and how the people of the Waterton Biosphere Reserve are meeting these challenges.

14.43  Waterton Biosphere Reserve  May 08, 2015  youtu.be/SPpPYKmbpL4#t=28

EXPOSED — USDA's Secret War on Wildlife

In this award-winning film three former federal agents and a Congressman blow the whistle on Wildlife Services--a barbaric, wasteful and misnamed agency within the USDA--and expose the government's secret war on wildlife on the taxpayer's dime.

31:13  Predator Defense  Dec 01, 2013  youtu.be/qSV8pRLkdKI

Silencing the Thunder

Every year hundreds of Yellowstone National Park bison are shot and aggressively chased by helicopters and ATVs back into the park to prevent disease transmission to domestic cattle herds in Montana.

26:25  Eddie Roqueta  Jan 05, 2014  vimeo.com/104296498

Always Endangered

The Story of Grizzly 399, the most famous grizzly bear of North America and her life in Grand Teton National Park, where she should be completely protected as an endangered species but is not, due the elk hunt inside the national park.

14:27  Jim Laybourn  Sep 22, 2015  youtu.be/gLTz1_0cvD8

The Changing World of Greater Yellowstones Grizzly

The Changing World of Greater Yellowstone's Grizzly Bears: A Presentation by Dr. David Mattson

1:12  Wyoming Wildlife Advocates  Sep 01, 2015  youtu.be/VqgRHZr0bNQ

Living with Carnivores: Boneyards, Bears and Wolve

The story begins a decade ago in western Montana’s Blackfoot River Valley and explores how a rural agricultural community responded to the resurgence of grizzly bears and wolves.

19:05  Alpenglow Press Productions  Aug 14, 2015  vimeo.com/131528982

Q&A: Wolves, Doug Smith

Doug Smith leads efforts to monitor wolves in Yellowstone and has been with the program since wolf reintroduction in the mid-1990s. In this Q&A series, Doug answers a range of questions about wolves.

24:09  Yellowstone National Park Service  Jan 12, 2015  youtu.be/-tXplYRCUpk

Not All Hunters Fear Bears

Big game hunters who camp and hunt in grizzly bear country can learn to recreate around bears without conflict. Many grizzly bears die needlessly each hunting season by hunters who panic at the sight of a bear.

0:30  Wyoming Wildlife Advocates  Jan 18, 2016  youtu.be/-59FYGoQECU

The Economics of Grizzly Bears

The economic importance of grizzly bears in the Yellowstone region is growing exponentially.

0:30  Wyoming Wildlife Advocates  Jan 18, 2016  youtu.be/4n2_kfFbONs

The More You Learn About Bears...

Despite much sensational media reading grizzly bears, the truth is most bears live out their life without any conflict with man. They aren't out to get us.

0:30  Wyoming Wildlife Advocates  Jan 18, 2016  youtu.be/y17Xx8-Y0oA

Wyoming's Big Game Migrations

Wyoming's big game migrations and 50 years of wilderness

5:16  Biodiversity Institute  Nov 25, 2014  vimeo.com/112181503

Wyoming Mule Deer Migration

Hall Sawyer’s groundbreaking science is combined with first ever migration footage from photographer Joe Riis to highlight and inspire the importance of conserving migration corridors around the world.

4:27  Joe Riis and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology  Mar 25, 2014  vimeo.com/88619272

History of Yellowstone Wolves

The Cliff Notes version of Yellowstone wolf history

3:42  Great Yellowstone Coalition  Apr 09, 2012  youtu.be/Ft_FXd1M2S0

Watershed Down

Snowfall in Yellowstone melts into rivers that span the continent from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. Scientists are documenting significant changes in the amount of snow that falls here as well as the intensity and timing of spring runoff.

6:05  National Park Service  May 29, 2015  youtu.be/lZz7rnIhh4s

The Fable of the Wolf

The gray wolf was one of the first to be protected by the Endangered Species Act. Its re-introduction in the northern Rockies restored a balance in the ecosystem.

2:15  Earthjustice  Sep 08, 2015  youtu.be/yA4wcCUtxUw

Free To Roam

This short film documents the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation's Wildlife Friendlier Fencing Program, which celebrated its 20th year in 2016.

10:20  Open Range Films  Aug 31, 2016  youtu.be/nbarRMjS0cw