Welcome to Wyoming Wildlife Advocates’ Wildlife Guide – a resource to help you identify the amazing animals in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and learn more about what makes them unique. We hope you’ll also develop an understanding of the challenges that face some of the area’s most unique species, and how we are working to protect them.

From the biggest grizzly bear to the smallest sage grouse, WWA believes that all species should be treated with respect and managed based on the best available science. The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is an exceedingly special place, in no small part because of the diversity of creatures that inhabit it.

We hope this guide will help you appreciate our wildest neighbors even more deeply, and give you opportunities to join the fight to keep them protected for generations to come.

Grizzly Bear

Ursus arctos horribilis

One of the largest and most iconic species of the GYE, the grizzly bear is facing unprecedented peril. Climate change is gravely impacting the bears’ food sources and territory, and now, they will likely face trophy hunting.


Cervus canadensis

The Greater Yellowstone elk herd is the largest in the nation, and these graceful herbivores are a visitor favorite. However, a terrible and deadly disease is about to strike this huge and densely-populated herd, and the results could be catastrophic.

Gray Wolf

Canis lupus

Not only are wolves highly intelligent, fascinating and charismatic animals, they’re critically important to a healthy and balanced ecosystem. Despite this, across the majority of Wyoming, they can be shot and killed at any time for any reason – or no reason at all.