Survey: Experts favor federal griz protection

Perceived threats are far-ranging, master’s student candidate finds.

Bears Are Worth More Alive Than Dead

Will our bears share the same fate as Africa’s lions?

Grizzly Challenge: Living with the Yellowston …

The grizzly bear population in the United States is …Fill in the blank. Grizzly expert Dr. David Mattson weighs in

Elk-feeding protest blasts Forest Service

The operation fouls the environment with 100 tons of elk feces annually

An Imperfect Safety Net for Carnivore Conserv …

Every time I see a grizzly bear I can't help but wonder about the fate of others of his kind

Park Service decision opens way for hunting i …

Park watchdog organization concerned about implications.
Grizzly bear sow and cubs

What It Takes to Kill a Grizzly Bear

Excellent, comprehensive article by Doug Peacock

Onlookers Dismayed by Elk-Herding Hunters

Hunters illegally herd elk from no-hunt zone to hunt zone firing line

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