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Ursine Exodus

Yellowstone’s grizzly bears are spreading out and expanding their range. Is it a sign of good health—or increasing desperation?

Is Fish & Wildlife under the thumb of political influence?

73 percent of agency scientists say political interference is too high.

What happens when hunters and grizzlies collide

What’s leading to bears getting shot and killed, and can it be prevented?

What’s Next For Yellowstone’s Grizzlies?

What will happen next for the bears? It's a source of debate among conservation groups and states charged with safeguarding their future.

Here’s Where Our National Park Funding Comes From

A federal program that has helped protect more than half of our national parks is in danger of going away.

Survey: Experts favor federal griz protection

Perceived threats are far-ranging, master’s student candidate finds.

Bears Are Worth More Alive Than Dead

Will our bears share the same fate as Africa’s lions?

Grizzly Challenge: Living with the Yellowstone Bear

The grizzly bear population in the United States is …Fill in the blank. Grizzly expert Dr. David Mattson weighs in on the challenges that the Yellowstone Grizzly population currently faces, and [...]

Elk-feeding protest blasts Forest Service

The operation fouls the environment with 100 tons of elk feces annually

An Imperfect Safety Net for Carnivore Conservation

Every time I see a grizzly bear I can't help but wonder about the fate of others of his kind who routinely cross borders. Long may they roam, and long may we maintain the legal framework to [...]

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