Bald Eagle Illustration

WWA Launches Wildlife Guide

Wyoming Wildlife Advocates is thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new Wildlife Guide. This free publication is available around the valley for any visitors or locals to pick up.

“Our goal is simple,” says Executive Director Melissa Thomasma. “We want to make it easy for people to learn accurate information about the area’s frequently-seen species, and also let them develop an understanding that while the GYE is a largely intact ecosystem, it’s no Garden of Eden.” The Wildlife Guide showcases mammals and birds that visitors are likely to encounter during their visits to the region, and offers brief overviews of the conservation challenges that each species faces.

WWA collaborated with Jackson Hole artist Gisele Olson to create custom artwork for the guide, and partnered with the National Museum of Wildlife Art for the first year of distribution.

The Wildlife Guide also includes professional wildlife photography tips, an area map, diagram of notable peaks in the Teton Range, predator track identification and more.

Within the guide, readers will find links to web pages with more thorough species information as well as clear action steps that anyone can take to help protect various animals around the GYE.

Are you a local business owner? Would you like to distribute the guide to your customers or guests? Send us an email –