Now What? 4 ways you can help protect grizzlies

Dear supporters,

It’s been a challenging week for all of us. In the aftermath of Wednesday’s vote to approve the trophy hunting of grizzlies in Wyoming, we have heard from people across the country. From coast to coast, and everywhere in between, everyone has the same question: What can we do now?

Each time I hear this from one of you, I’m profoundly thankful that – like us – you have not given up on Wyoming’s grizzly bears. We will continue to fight to protect them, and with all of your help, we can do it.

Here are a few ways in which you can help keep up the fight.

Write to Governor Mead

Let Wyoming Governor Matt Mead know exactly why you oppose this hunt.

You can drop a letter in the mail to him at: Edelman Mansion, 2323 Carey Avenue  Cheyenne, WY 82002

Or, send your note electronically thorugh his website contact form:

Write to the Wyoming Game & Fish Commissioners

These are the people who unanimously voted to approve the trophy hunting of grizzlies. You can let them know how you feel about that decision. (Please avoid profanities or threatening language.)

Mark Anselmi, President

David Rael

Pat Crank

Mike Schmid

Gay Lynn Byrd gayly.bird@wyo.gove

Peter Dube

Keith Culver

Spread the word!

The more widely we can spread our message, the more effective we can be. Sharing our posts on social media, talking to your friends and family or writing a letter to your local newspaper would all be very helpful ways to get more people informed.

If you’d like to submit a Letter to the Editor at the Jackson Hole News & Guide, please submit it to by 5 p.m. on Monday. (400 word maximum, include your name, town of residence and phone number in the email.)

Make a donation to WWA!

It’s the generosity of donors that allows us to keep fighting for grizzlies and other species across the state. With your support, we can make an even larger impact. Click here to make a contribution online. 


Thank you for helping us keep up the fight. We know it’s not news to you, but the grizzlies need us more than ever. And we’re not giving up.


For the bears,

Melissa Thomasma

Executive Director of WWA