WWA’s New Billboard in Cody

May 22, 2018 | WWA Staff

If you’re driving through Cody, WY, to the East Entrance of Yellowstone, keep an eye out for WWA’s new billboard! The message is clear: the bears you’re about to see could be killed for trophies by this time next year.

WWA has occupied the same billboard location during the past two summers. It’s an efficient means to reach visitors to the area who may not otherwise be aware that grizzlies are in such grave danger. It’s also sparked plenty of conversation across the state.

“This billboard is an excellent way to reach visitors to Yellowstone on their way into the park,” says Melissa Thomasma, Executive Director of WWA. “Too many people make the assumption that because they see a bear in the park, it must be completely safe. And that’s simply not true. Grizzlies don’t know where the park ends, and where hunting zones begin.”

WWA also hopes that the prominently displayed hashtag – #NoGrizzlyHunt – will give visitors and photographers a quick and easy way to voice their opposition to the grizzly trophy hunt.

“Without doubt, it’s the generosity of our donors that make campaign efforts like this possible,” elaborated Thomasma. “We would love to place more of them at other critical locations around the region and reach even more of the millions of those who come to see our bears alive.”

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