WWA In News Outlets Around the World

As the possibility of the grizzly hunt draws near, and the anticipation intensifies, Wyoming Wildlife Advocates has had the opportunity to speak with multiple high-profile news outlets. We are grateful for the opportunity to let readers from a around the nation and the world learn about the critical work we do, and why we’re fighting so hard to protect grizzlies.

Our Executive Director, Melissa Thomasma, had the chance to speak with USA Today and explain why the proposed trophy hunt is so problematic.

In the wake of Judge Christensen’s celebrated decision to block the hunt for two weeks, we spoke with an international news outlet: the AFP. Subsequently, our comments have spread around the globe. Readers from a wide variety of nations have had the chance to learn some of the many reasons that we continue to fight against the trophy hunt of grizzlies.

Check out our quotes in Britain’s The Daily Mail, and our appearance in Radio Taiwan International!