WWA Featured on the Trip Outside Podcast

We were honored to be invited as a guest on the Trip Outside podcast.

Listen in for more information about wolves, grizzlies, and elk in Wyoming and how recreationalists can be our strongest conservationists if we all are willing to think about preserving nature even if that means setting aside our own desires to go higher, faster, and deeper into the wilderness.

Trip Outside supports human-powered recreation which we also support over motorized uses as less disturbing to wildlife. However, all uses have some impact and we must strive to minimize that as much as we can as the human population grows.

Adventure Travel EP 6: Conserving Nature with Wyoming Wildlife Advocates

Featured Guest: Wyoming Wildlife Advocates

The biggest threat to wildlife is trophy hunting and Wyoming Wildlife Advocates are doing amazing work to raise awareness of this issue and help save and protect the Grizzlies, Wolves and Elk populations for generations to come.

In this episode we also talk about how outdoor recreationalists can work to save wildlife. A discussion that forces us to look inside and ask if we want to save the wild places and it’s amazing inhabitants for future generations and how our outdoor recreation hobbies impact their life and their habitat.

Let’s work together to minimize an impact, coexist and #RecreateResponsibly

To listen to this full episode, click here https://podcasts.apple.com/…/adventure…/id1539122818