WRATH Returns to Jackson This Saturday

Join the Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting and speak out against the senseless slaughter of wildlife! Last year we held the first-ever protest against trophy hunting in Wyoming. This year, we continue the tradition of telling the world that we won’t stand for the needless killing of our grizzlies, wolves, foxes, coyotes, and other treasured wildlife for entertainment or ego.

The Jackson protest will be on the town square. Please park at the Home Ranch Parking Lot. Meet us in the northwest corner of the lot at 10:30 and we will walk to the town square from there.

Posters and literature will be provided. If you choose to make your own, please do not use violent or aggressive language. This will be a peaceful, educational demonstration focused on raising public awareness. We expect everyone in attendance to remain civil and obey public laws.

Your local rally leader is Kristin Combs with Wyoming Wildlife Advocates. Please send questions to kristin@wyowild.org

The nonprofit animal advocacy organization CompassionWorks International produces the Worldwide Rally, which is entering its 5th year. Wyoming Wildlife Advocates is holding a rally in Jackson to protest the loss of our treasured wolves to trophy hunters. Each year, almost half of Wyoming’s wolves are killed by humans. Wolves belong here in Wyoming and should be able to exist without constant hunting pressure. Wolves are listed as predatory animals in over 85% of the state and can be killed year-round. We aim to educate the citizens of Wyoming and the world about this disservice to our wildlife in order to bring about scientifically-driven wolf management that doesn’t include killing.

About the Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting:

On February 8, 2020, voices across the world will join together to raise awareness about the ego-driven and senseless murder of countless wild animals by members of Safari Club International and other “trophy hunters.”

The main rally, in Reno, stands as a protest against the Safari Club International Conference and the 48th anniversary of the “Ultimate Sportsmen’s Market.” At the market, the lives of hundreds of beautiful animals are sold off to the highest bidder. Learn more: www.notyourtrophy.org.

CompassionWorks International supports legislation that prohibits the ability of hunters to bring their “trophies” back into the United States. They stand with conservation groups across the world in developing strategies for sustaining and growing populations of wild animals that do not involve their senseless massacre.

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