Wolves and Grizzlies Need You! – #GivingTuesday for Native Carnivores

We fight hard, both in and out of court, for our native wildlife but can’t do it without support from you. Wolves and grizzlies are dying in Wyoming right now. So far in Wyoming in 2019, 27 grizzlies and 57 wolves have been killed by humans. These important keystone species need protection and we are fighting to make sure they have it! Whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. The wildlife thank you for your support.

Your donation supports:

• Fighting to stop the trophy
hunting of grizzly bears

• Monitoring wolf hunting
seasons and fighting for
the protection of wolves
across Wyoming

• Science-based comments
to state and federal wildlife
management agencies

• Lawsuits when necessary

Educating youth about
wildlife advocacy through

• Distribution of thousands
of free guides to educate
residents and visitors
on wildlife conservation
challenges in Wyoming

• Alerting the public about how
to be effective and when to
take action during comment
submission periods

• And so much more!

Grizzly Photo: Brian Turner