WGFD issues proposed grizzly hunt regulations

The Wyoming Game & Fish Department has released their proposed grizzly bear hunt regulations.

You can find the regs here. You can also make a public comment regarding the regs.

Up to 24 grizzlies will be hunted in Wyoming. Out-of-state tags will be $6,000 and $600 for resident tags. Final approval will come from the Wyoming Game & Fish Commission on May 23 in Lander.

Due to the way tags are to be distributed, probably fewer than 24 grizzlies will be killed. But if they reach the maximum proposed allocation of 24 they will have received a whopping $46,800. Chump change. It is a sure bet they will spend more than that just administering the hunt.

And what about tourism which is based on a foundation of wildlife viewing?

Wyoming tourism is a $3,000,000,000 business, with 1 billion of that in Teton County alone.

Does it really make sense to risk a drop in Wyoming tourism for a measly $50,000???

Contact the WG&F Commissioners and let them know what you think:

And while you’re at it, drop an email to Governor Mead’s office at:

We’ll have more information and commentary on the proposed regs soon.