URGENT: Wyoming Residents – Comments Needed

Bear spray saves lives!

Act to keep grizzly bears and hunters safer!

What: One leading cause of grizzly bear mortality comes from conflicts with elk hunters. Attend a Wyoming Game Commission hearing to support a citizen petition that requests that hunters be required to carry non-lethal bear spray. Bear spray also keeps people safer than firearms, studies show

When: Friday, July 19. This agenda item is scheduled after the 12-1 lunch break (the hearing begins at 8 am—and agenda items could shift).

Where: Holiday Inn, 1675 Sunset Drive, Rock Springs, Wyo.

Elk hunters who recreate in grizzly bear country are a major source of mortality to Yellowstone-area bears. The simple solution to keep hunters and bears safer: Require that hunters carry bear spray while they are in the field.

Bear spray is far more effective than firearms, studies show. People who used weapons only saw 50% of bear attacks stop, and using firearms have inadvertently injured or killed the hunter himself or his companions. Multiple studies and governmental agencies endorse bear spray over using firearms to stop bear attacks. One 20-year study of bear spray in Alaska found that it was 98% effective.

Bear spray talking points

Wyoming Bear Spray Petition

If you cannot make it to the meeting, please send an email to the Wyoming Game and Fish Commissioners. Wyoming residents only please. Unfortunately, even though the state of Wyoming is almost 50% public land, the state still considers all wildlife to belong only to the residents of Wyoming.

David Rael, President david.rael@wyo.gov

Peter Dube peter.dube@wyo.gov

Patrick Crank patrick.crank@wyo.gov

Mike Schmid mike.schmid@wyo.gov

Gaylynn Byrd gaylynn.byrd@wyo.gov

Ralph Brokaw ralph.brokaw@wyo.gov

Richard Ladwig richard.ladwig@wyo.gov

You can also email Governor Mark Gordon here.