Support Wildlife and Look Good Doing It!

399, Bruno, Felicia…These are just a few names of our beloved bears in Jackson Hole. We won’t stand idly by while a few people plan to make these world-renowned, magnificent animals into rugs and trophies. Fighting against trophy hunting and the needless waste of lives of wolves, bears, and other species who would self-regulate if we would let them is what we do.

Grizzly bears and all wildlife in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem are facing unprecedented challenges. From trophy hunting to climate change, the area’s most vulnerable species and habitats need protection. WWA educates, informs, and empowers people to advocate for our carnivores and other vulnerable species so they can be managed according to science, not politics or special interests. The pandemic may have changed so many things in our society, but unfortunately wildlife management remains the same – outdated and catering to a small subset of the population. Join us in helping to change things for the better for wildlife in this special part of the world. Our mission remains as strong as ever, but we can’t do it alone. Your support will go directly to making our ecosystems healthier and more balanced.

Please consider a gift to wildlife on this #GivingTuesdayNOW. Click here to learn more about ways to give or click one of the links below.


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