Doug Peacock shreds griz hunt rationales

Doug Peacock needs no introduction to folks in the Greater Yellowstone region who have been following grizzly bear delisting and the subsequent hunt proposals. His has been one of the clearest and most consistent voices on the subject.

This article, published in the Daily Beast, examines the role and arguments of the NRA and Safari Club International in the ongoing litigation over grizzly delisting.

Good-old-boy folklore

In that litigation, five NRA and Safari Club International members submitted affidavits stating that hunting grizzlies would help the region’s economy, allow states to better manage the animals, and improve public safety.

Peacock clearly believes the arguments that these NRA/SFI “experts” are making are specious arguments, i.e., superficially plausible, but actually wrong.

In fact, Peacock shreds their arguments and calls them out as unscientific “good-old-boy folklore” of the sort that he’s been hearing in bars for the last 50 years.

Peacock’s article is excellent, please read it and share.

WWA opposes proposed grizzly hunt

Wyoming Wildlife Advocates concurs with Doug and our position is that hunting grizzlies in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is counterproductive, having neither a scientific basis, nor economic or public safety benefits.

Additionally, hunting grizzlies is completely at odds with the culture of preservation and conservation that is at the heart of the popularity of the Yellowstone region and has made a visit to the Yellowstone region a bucket list item for people all around the world.