GRIZZLIES: 55% of GYE grizzly mortalities under investigation

New Greater Yellowstone Grizzly Mortalities reported

The IGBST has added four mortalities to their GYE Grizzly Bear Mortality database bringing the total for 2017 up to 51 dead bears.

Three of the four new mortalities are listed as “under investigation” and as of November 15, 55% of all known and probable mortalities are under investigation, an unprecedented percentage.

Last year, 58 bear mortalities were reported for the entire year with 15 grizzly mortalities – 26% – under investigation.

“Under Investigation” typically means one of three things 1) poaching, 2) mis-identification of a grizzly as a black bear, or 3) a self-defense kill.

We continue to be very worried about the number of mortalities under investigation. Unfortunately, we are unlikely to get much information from bear managers as to the cause of this disturbing trend.


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