Can’t make the protest? But still want to help?

We’ve received many messages from supporters who can’t make it to Saturday’s protest.

From folks who don’t live in the area to scheduling conflicts, many of you expressed regret that you can’t join us on Saturday morning. We will miss you, of course, but there are still ways that you can help from wherever you are!


Share, share, share!

Please take a moment to share this event on your social media. You might have friends and family in the Jackson Hole area who don’t know about the protest yet! Let them know the details so they can join us!

Attend another rally!

Visit the Compassionworks International website for a full list of the Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting (WRATH) events. They’re happening all over the world!


Write a Letter to the Editor

Let your voice be heard; share with the community why you believe that trophy hunting is unethical and unacceptable. Simply send your letter to the editor of the Jackson Hole News & Guide – 400 word limit.


Support WWA

Advocacy isn’t free. We work hard to accomplish a lot with very limited resources. The generosity of donors allows us to continue hosting events, educating the community and standing up for the wild animals and habitats that need us most. Every dollar makes a difference. Can you help us keep up the fight?


“And they call us the bloodthirsty killers. But fear not, Spitfire. We are not forgotten.”