Black Bear & Cubs by Kent Nelson

Action Alert! Support Bear-Proof Garbage Can Regulations

According to an article in November 7th’s Jackson Hole News and Guide, “Bear-proof garbage cans are likely to become mandatory throughout Teton County, but elected officials want to talk it over first to ensure the rule change goes smoothly for trash haulers and residents.”

There is ample evidence that bear-proof trash cans reduce conflicts by ensuring that garbage is not a food source for bears that travel into populated areas. When these conflicts are avoided altogether, it significantly reduces the number of bears who must be relocated or euthanized.

While garbage cans are not the only attractant, and this measure will not entirely prevent conflict, it is a step in the right direction towards a more bear aware community.

Please take a moment and let the Teton County Board of Commissioners know that you are in support of this rule change on behalf of the bears. Additionally, contact the Town of Jackson and let them know that you believe the same rule should be applied throughout the town. This measure will undoubtedly save bears.

Email the County Commissioners at:

Email the Town Council at:

Email the Mayor of Jackson (Pete Muldoon) at:

On behalf of the bears, thank you!