399 and Cubs Need Your Help


The most famous bear in the world, Grizzly 399, is once again outside of the park boundaries. She needs your help to keep her and the four cubs safe. Grizzly 399 is smart and can find her way around human dominated landscapes quite well, however, if she begins to rely on human-provided food, she’s likely to teach her cubs how to look toward humans for food which is bad news for everyone involved. The simple procedures described below can ensure that bears can live alongside us and continue to stay wild and not rely on unnatural food sources.

Please tell your neighbors and friends about how to keep a bear safe property and what to do if they see bears in their neighborhood.

Removing bird feeders and securing our trash, chickens, and compost piles are probably the most important factors to keeping all bears, both black and grizzly, safe.

Don’t give bears a reason to stop at your house, keep them moving along to find natural foods.

Tips to keep a bear safe property

Use electric fencing around beehives, chicken coops, gardens, and compost piles
Remove bird feeders or hang them at least 10 feet off the ground and 4 feet away from the tree or pole – this includes hummingbird feeders
Use a bear proof trash can or store trash cans inside a structure until the day of pickup
Don’t overfill the can, if it doesn’t fit, save it until next week or take it to the dump
Feed pets inside – store pet food inside
Store livestock grain inside
Pick fruit from fruit trees and shrubs
Store BBQ grills inside or clean well after use
Remove all salt and mineral blocks from your property
SLOW DOWN when driving! 45mph at night and be alert for reflections of eyes on the side of the road

Tips for ethical wildlife viewing and photography

View from a safe distance – 25 yards from all wildlife, 100 yards from bears
Pull completely off the road – all four tires on the right hand side of the white line
Don’t approach or feed bears
Don’t throw trash or food waste from a vehicle
Always be respectful of wildlife. You’re a guest in their home. Keep quiet – don’t slam doors, shout to get their attention or intrude on their space

When in the park or on public lands DO NOT let bears obtain human food – secure coolers in a car, don’t leave your picnic unattended, stop to let bears cross roads

The Bear Wise website has lots of information on how to have a bear-safe home.

Illustration of the queen and her cubs: Savannah Rose Wildlife

Thanks to Tiffany Talbott and Savannah Rose for their help with this campaign.