Spare a Bear

... and save a life

Helping all residents of Teton County to afford a bear-proof garbage can to reduce human-bear conflicts and save bears’ lives.

What is Spare a Bear?

After several different incidents over the past few years where bears were euthanized due to conflicts with people, Teton County is finally considering requiring all residents to have a bear-proof can for their trash. We are helping residents, regardless of their ability to pay for a can, to help protect wildlife in their neighborhoods.

A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear

Bears are smart. When bears encounter human foods, they increasingly return for more food rewards. Easily accessed trash draws bears to neighborhoods when they should be out foraging for insects and roots in the forest. Preventing conflicts before they occur is key to keeping bears and people safe.

BearSaver Trash Cans Save Lives

Teton County lies within the heart of bear country. All county and town residents should be required to have a bear-proof container. It’s the very minimum we can do to reduce conflicts between bears and humans. Having a bear-proof can ensures that bears don’t inadvertently gain access to human foods.

How does the program work?

WWA is working with town and county officials to make sure an ordinance and county resolution is passed to require all residents to own a bear-proof trash can. We are also working with residents to educate and inform them as to why bear-proof cans are necessary. High need areas (Snow King and High School Butte) will be given priority for cans and subsidies. Residents can apply for a can or subsidy through our program. A regular toter (can) costs about $50, with bear-proof cans being about $150. Subsidies will be issued in $25, $50, or $75 dollar amounts.


Get A Better Understanding

Learn more about current bear-proof trash requirements in Teton County and where the boundaries of Conflict Area 1 lie.

Make Your Voice Heard

Email the county commissioners and town officials to let them know you support bear-proof cans throughout all of Teton County.

Teton County Commissioners

Jackson Town Council

Mayor Muldoon

Donate to WWA

You can make a contribution to help all residents have a bear-proof can. Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris is matching all donations up to $2,000!

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